GeoMax is where it all begins

Start your next project with equipment that simply does more

With the nation facing historic labor shortages and high material costs, it's time to expect more from the instruments you use on the job. Don't spend extra time and money on costly, complex instruments requiring weeks of training and hours of support calls - only to have them under perform.


GeoMax is the solution to those challenges. We provide a full range of construction measurement solutions that are built to:

  • deliver consistent accuracy,
  • work in the toughest conditions,
  • learn quickly with ease and
  • give you an economical option to save time and money by improving your workflow and productivity.


Watch how William Shepherd, and his crew from Grant Shepherd & Associates, used our solutions on a recent project to repave the Atlanta Motor Speedway.



Transform your next project plans into reality using GeoMax equipment for leveling, grading, layout, concrete work, as-built and more. Take a closer look at any of the products in our full line of construction solutions.


If you're interested in learning which GeoMax solutions will make the biggest impact on your productivity and cost savings this year, follow the link below to find a local dealer and request a demo.