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Technological progress has produced brilliant inventions like the GNSS antenna. However, this technology often still has limitations: Inaccessible points that cannot be measured, electromagnetic interferences that distort results, complicated software to operate the GNSS, etc

We want to show you how you can overcome these challenges and make your life easier using the Zenith60 smart antenna. This device is the new flagship product in the GeoMax GNSS portfolio, incorporating the famous IMU technology.

In this webinar, the GeoMax Academy team will explain and show you:

  • How to easily measure inaccessible points with the calibration-free tilt feature
  • How to survey without worrying about electromagnetic interferences
  • How to tailor the Zenith60 and X-PAD Ultimate to your needs
  • How to easily capture your data and manage it with X-PAD Ultimate
  • How to profit from new opportunities thanks to the X-PAD 365 integration
  • LIVE DEMO: All features that are presented are also shown in the field

GeoMax Product Manager Robert Bosch will present you the Zenith60 and how it solves GNSS surveying struggles. His presentation will be followed by a LIVE DEMO of the GeoMax Academy team.

During the entire webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions in the chat. At the end of the webinar, our Product Manager and Experts will answer them in the Q&A session.

GeoMax Academy Trainer

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